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"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." -Confucius

Mountains and Sun

"The world of education needs Pure Pahadis! Having a space for kids to reflect on the world around them and gain meaningful connections is something that is fostered and encouraged. Maggie does a great job of giving space for thoughts and feelings while also guiding a lesson that connects children to social/emotional well-being . Highly recommended!!"

- Caitlyn H., 31 years old

"She is loved by her students and maintains a distinguished reputation with colleagues and other stakeholders. Together, we have planned, reflected, dug through data, co-taught, and successfully shared resources on many occasions."

- Lori K., 45 years old

"It was so fun painting pots and planting seeds in them.  I wonder when they will start to grow!"

- Charlotte C., 5 years old
-Ted S., 36 years old

"I know that I can breathe and let go of the things I want to let go of."

-Marco D., 9 years old

"The children responded to the teacher's warmth. They regularly turned to her for help and to share observations or insights."

"We saw owl feathers! We looked at them and made observational drawings about them. It was super fun!"

- Anna C., 54 years old
- Alex R., 7 years old

"Hands on learning activities and project based learning are frequently part of the unit planning. The teacher accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude."

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