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Flower Plant

We are dedicated to creating positive learning experiences for children, families, and educators.  Children will always be our guides in knowing what they need to blossom.  Pure Pahadis does not belong to one person, but to every person who is involved.  It is a home away from home.  It is a place where it is safe to question, to fail, and to succeed.

Mindfulness Online

Don't live in Colorado?  No problem! We offer superb mindfulness lessons, videos, and articles to our newsletter members, so please sign up today. We also offer virtual One-on-One mindfulness sessions, and we now have a completely online course available for download!

Thematic Camps

Children learn and grow best when they are invested in the subject matter. A thematic camp is a themed study of a particular subject.  Examples are a camp about the Universe, gardens, or bicycles. Children possess different types of intelligence, and our thematic camps help all of these different types to be revealed and to then thrive. Within each camp, we will dive into ways to be mindful, to be organized, to talk about our ideas and feelings, and to be one with the Earth. 

Outdoor Programs
and Yoga in the Park

Each year, children are faced with more and more screen time, and they have the potential to lose their important connection with Nature.  Our outdoor programs give children and families the opportunity to play, get dirty, discover, move, and build a lasting and loving relationship with the wondrous world around them.

One-on-One Sessions and classroom sessions available!

Call 720-840-7062 or

email us at to sign up today!

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