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Outdoor Programs

Yoga in the Park

yoga in the park classes are back! Completely donation based; offer what you can, and come share space with Maggie and your community. Adults and families welcome! Come solo or bring your family with you! Step onto the mat and into a space with a community that admires your true colors. This is a class dedicated to all adults and families, and a chance to honor the beautiful diversity of self-expression we have in our community. This will be a heart-centered practice that honors the courage it takes to show up for ourselves and to practice together. Yoga mats are not required, and you can bring one if you choose to. Make sure to bring water, sunscreen, and an open heart. Classes are in Homestead Park in Arvada in the field. We look forward to holding space with you! RSVP today on our website, or simply drop-in! Classes are on Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30am. We can't wait to practice with you! 

"Mind"Craft Camp

Join us for our completely outdoors "Mind"Craft Camp! This will be a week long day camp for children entering 1st grade through 3rd grade. There are no computers in this camp! We will get out into the world, moving our bodies through yoga, exploration and running games. Your child will learn how to work together to build a complete "Mind"craft world with recycled materials and artifacts we find in nature. Additionally, we will learn about the importance of planning and patience, how to actively listen and share our ideas in a group, and, finally, how to take a break and meditate. Come play, build, and collaborate with us! Join us for a few days or the whole week! 

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Summer Camp Financial Assistance Available!!
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