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What's in a name?


What is more pure than a child?  Children are our most extraordinary teachers when it comes to living a joyous life and being true to one’s nature.  Children are pure, authentic, and truly see the beauty in all spaces.



We turn to the East when asking for guidance by Spirit.  In Hindi, pahadis means mountaineers. It is what folks in India call people who belong to the mountains.  At Pure Pahadis, we are grounded like the mountains.  We strive to be elevated, both in body and in mind, like the mountains.  A mountain’s peak spiritually signifies the state of absolute consciousness, and at Pure Pahadis, we practice absolute consciousness daily. 



Mindfulness is simply being present to what is happening right now.  Practicing mindfulness teaches children to completely enjoy the present moment without holding on to it when it ends, because it will, indeed, end.  In contrast, it teaches children to powerfully be with an uncomfortable moment, and to fully understand that it won’t always feel this way.  When anyone is mindful, they are in charge of their Self, and they have the tools to show up fully in their power and to create a magnificent life.

Creation & Mission:

meet the founder


Greetings!  My name is Maggie (she, her, hers), and I am the founder of Pure Pahadis.  One day, a day that felt rather ordinary, I was meditating, and I had a shockingly clear vision of creating a space where children could come and be themselves.  I instantly could see a whimsical community where stress, anxiety, and judgement would not be present… or rather they would be present, and they would melt away like a popsicle on a hot summer’s day.  The message from that vision was profound, and I began to take action immediately.  


Perhaps some might think that big and heavy feelings such as these are only seen in adults, and unfortunately, this is not true.  I have been an elementary educator for 10 years, and I know firsthand how cluttered and confusing children’s lives can be.  By no fault of any one person, this is the reality our children are facing in this world today.  My intention is to change that, and to help create a world where children are empowered, enlightened and fully conscious to live extraordinary lives.  No more ordinary days; only extraordinary ones!


I strive to create an experience-based, developmentally appropriate learning space in my practice.  I excel in differentiating instruction for every child, and my passion is to respectfully celebrate diversity in all its forms.  For the entirety of my existence, I will be a lifelong learner who will tailor and perfect my craft by taking classes, attending seminars, and collaborating with those around me. I want to be inspired every day by my superiors, colleagues, and most of all, by the children in my presence.



My educational background begins with a bachelor's degree in Horticulture Science and continues with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I have taught elementary education in and around the Denver area for 10 years. I am a registered trauma informed yoga space holder. Each summer, I have been a leader for an international peace camp, and I have had the opportunity to teach children from over 20 different countries. Through this camp program, I have taught children in Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, and India. I have been honored as a nominee for the Douglas County Apple Award in 2014, 2015, and 2018. I also received the honor to have an integrated thematic unit I created, which was all about owls, published in 2012.  

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