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For the child... it is not half so important to know as to feel.



- Rachel Carson

Kids in Vegetable Farm
Happy Children

Who We Are

Pure Pahadis is the possibility of love, inclusion, and vulnerable self-expression.

We are an anti-racist and pro-LGBTQ+ organization with an unwavering dedication to providing equitable experiences for ALL children and families.  We provide children a safe space to practice mindfulness, to explore Nature, to create personal empowerment, peace of mind, clarity of thought, and relief from stress.  We provide a community for children where they will learn how to have optimal emotional and physical well-being for the rest of their lives.  Embodying these skills will help children to live powerful, authentic lives, where they are fully expressed and up to creating positive actions in the world...

Children Embracing in Circle
Kids Reading Outdoor


Online Mindfulness
Thematic Camps
Outdoor Programs and Yoga in the Park

We need not be alone, even in  times of isolation.  Here you will find lessons and videos to assist you and your child with living a more mindful life at home.  Educators will also greatly benefit from these resources.

Children must be the drivers of their own destinies and fulfillment.  Here you will find Information about upcoming thematic camps available that are sure to spark your child's need for discovery!

Nature and children go together as well as macaroni and cheese!  Here you will find information on upcoming in-person programs focused on exploring the outdoors and helping children stay connected to our Mother Earth.

Kids Reading Book in Park

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6335 Depew Court

Arvada, CO 80003

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